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 McSpadden Little Free Pantry

date. installed 9th January 2021

location. McSpadden Park

The McSpadden Little Free Pantry is a community pantry - accessible 24/7 like a free library - which is stocked with food for people in our community who are currently experiencing food insecurity. Our motto is "Give what you can - Take what you need".

The Little Free Pantry movement started in the US but has been steadily growing in Canada over recent months.  Our pantry is listed HERE

It is located on the 'bee fence' by the playground and community garden in McSpadden Park.  

Check out our interview with Gloria Macarenko on CBC's On the Coast 


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DONATIONS can be made by dropping by the pantry box and placing your goods DIRECTLY, stopping by the GRANDVIEW WOODLAND COMMUNITY POLICING CENTER and placing it in a marked bin, or by making a one time or monthly CASH DONATION to ensure the box is always replenished. A PayPal link can be found in the "Contribute" area of our website.

This community project is small but mighty, and with your help, we can keep it going for as long as members of our community are in need.

The LITTLE FREE PANTRY signage was produced and donated by:

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